Recent Work: Jessica Demers Photography

Jun 23, 2022

Photographers are kind of my niche when it comes to branding and Showit websites, and I get giddy when an amazingly talented photographer reaches out about new branding.

I was so excited with Jessica contacted me a few years back about an updated look for her photography business, along with a website to match. I’m just now getting around to sharing the final pieces!

Her moodboard was full of earthy colors and floral patterns.

We went with a rustic feeling main font and floral and bee icons for a branding suite that felt very earthy, organic and natural.

And once the branding was done, we moved on to her Showit website!

Jessica wanted some movement in her header, so I created a gif of her images and patterns coming in for a more interactive feeling website.

For her gallery, we did something a little different and I love how it turned out! Instead of creating slideshows, we designed it more as a magazine layout with different sections and photos layered and stacked.

And her about page ended up being super fun too, with a section about her family and beautiful portraits of herself so her clients knew who they were booking with!

Go check out her gorgeous site at

And if you’re interested in booking branding for 2022, my spots are filling up!

I’m only accepting a few more clients this fall, contact me for more info!



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