5 Business Books I Love

Jun 15, 2022

Everyone has their take on what business books have helped them the most, so I’m jumping on the wagon and sharing mine and why I love them so much? Ready? Let’s go:

5 Business Books I Love

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

I’ve been a follower of Marie’s since before I quit corporate – I actually found her when I was working as a full time lead designer and ended up signing up for B-School in 2011 and won a free ticket to her conference in NYC. It was a life changing season in my side hustle and not long after that, I put in my notice at work to go full time on my own. So to say I love Marie is an understatement.

Everything is FIgureoutable is a hands-on book that has wonderful advice in each chapter, along with action steps at the end of each chapter. I love this because instead of feeling like I’m just ingesting more content, I’m taking ACTION on what I’m learning. So impactful. A must-read in my book.

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

This is one I ready way back when, but I still feel the impact of it. Brendon goes into the research of habits of the most high performance people and there are similarities between them all. I really loved how you could take an assessment to see how you perform and then read all about how to improve each segment. And again, this book has action steps at the end of each chapter so you can put all you learn into action. I love that so much! In fact, I think I might just read this one again!

Creative Confidence by Tom and David Kelley

In all honesty, I picked up this book because of the cover, but it’s one that I pick up and read pieces of every now and then. I’ve loved this one because it seems to put a scientific spin on creativity. As a person who loves FACTS, this book puts all the pieces together for me and should be on the shelf of every creative!

Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny

I have this audiobook and WOW.. it changed my perspective on what to charge, how much money I want to make and how to achieve those goals. It also have action steps at the end of each chapter (which were harder to follow along with since I had the audiobook version) but if you feel like you could use a boost in the what to charge area of your business, this book is a must read.

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

This book is allllll about overcoming those upper limits we each have about life or business – the things that hold us back from reaching the next level. The things we don’t think we can achieve. He breaks it down into four different fears. Ready to break through those limiting thoughts and beliefs? This book will help you break through those. Maybe I need to read this one again too…

Those are my top 5! What would you add to this list? Share in the comments!



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