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Why Discovery
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Are you tired of bouncing from one thing to the next because you're not sure what to do next? Are you too scared to take that next step because you don't know if it's the right thing? Are you ready to live your purpose and figure out what impact you were put on this Earth to have? 
Knowing your WHY is the first step. 

Discover your purpose, develop your goals, and level up your business so that you knew, without question, that you were exactly where you’re meant to be.

$800 for full session OR $597 for the online course

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For an hour we will dive deep via zoom and chat ideas, next steps and tactics for your next big idea or goal. I love to help others step into their confidence, I believe these sessions will do just that - help you step out in your business with confidence behind your big idea! 

1 hour / $200 per session

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a 6-month mentorship for the designer ready to do it all and 
grow their design business with intention

Base / Camp is a mentorship program for graphic designers who are ready to scale their business on a solid foundation that will help them grow in a purpose-filled direction. If you're ready to skip the awkward designer years and jump right into building your business with meaning behind what you're doing, this mentorship is for you.

over 6 months we will:

- Find your Why
- Find your ideal customer
- Refine  your processes
- Set goals aligned with your Why

- Have 6 one hour calls on
   topics of your choosing

- Have weekly check-ins and

- Work on an ideal client concept project to build your portfolio with pieces aligned with your style and dream clients

- And so much more...

Every mentorship will look different depending on the designer, but we will cover topics like creating consistent income, how to raise your prices, when to quit your day job, email opt in offers, programs for best practices, moodboarding, portfolio building, setting goals, balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship and more.

Investment: $3975 // payment plans available
limited spots available

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Brand + Lab is a 9 module (plus bonuses!) online workshop covering why cohesive branding matters and how to achieve it. Brought to you by Wander Design Co. + Maggie Rechkemmer, this course is perfect for creative businesses who are ready to take their brand to the next level.

Are you ready to: Find your purpose, attract your ideal clients, have branding and photos that support you and make you feel confident to show up, iPhoneograpy tools so you can do it yourself and what you need to add to your website to get more of the right clients? Brand Lab is for you. 


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Your Perfect People is a 5-day video series that will walk you through how to find your ideal client, connect with them on an emotional level and then reach them so you can fill your calendar with the type of work you LOVE. 

Over five days, I’ll show you how to get inside their mind and uncover what they’re thinking when it comes to working with you so you can switch it around into copy for your social media profiles and website. And we’ll analyze all of the information you wrote about them to customize how you can actually get your name and business in front of them.  

want to find your ideal clients + fill your calendar with work that is FUN?

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Find your purpose in life and uncover the ways you show up at your best so you can impact others and live a life fulfilled.

just like my sessions, only all on your own.

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Are you craving a FREE place to connect with other designers, share your recent work, ask for feedback, learn and grow and SHINE with other graphic designers?

No matter your design level or entrepreneurial status, you’re invited to join the new Wander Collective: a place for graphic designers to grow and shine!

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Finding your WHY will help you create a strong foundation for your business and life. Get started with the 2 steps outlined in this freebie! Enter your information to download the PDF! 

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There are so many benefits to working with only your ideal clients. Download this freebie for the first step in working with your perfect people. 

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Join the Wanderlist for business tips, challenges + other fun and inspiration stuff once or twice a month! 

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two steps to start the why discovery process

get clear on your ideal client

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