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Jun 21, 2021

Last year, an Indianola, Iowa shopowner named Erin reached out to me about branding for her newest adventure, Feed and Foster. The name alone had me intrigued, but when I read about what she was going for and saw her inspiration, I knew it was going to be a favorite project – and I was right.

Erin was opening a new store that would have everything someone would need to throw a wonderful get-together – provisons for gathering if you will. From serveware and dishes to specialty sauces, condiments and fresh flower bouquets, Feed and Foster is a dream.

Erin took the branding I gave her to the max with packaging, stickers and signage that knocked it out of the park.

I had so much fun putting the fonts and vintage elements to work to come up with some alternative logos that would serve her needs.

And like I mentioned, she took her branding to the max and used it for all of her store packaging. I had lots of fun working on bag designs, tissue paper and stickers for her to use. This is what I envision when I design for a brand, and it’s not very often that clients go all out, it made my designer heart so happy to see this all put to use in such a beautiful way.

Her beautiful little store even landed her a winter feature in Midwest Living Magazine, which has to be just about the highest honor there is, right?

Erin has been such a joy to work with, and we got to work together again on branding for her first store – Adorn Gift and Home which is just down the street from Feed and Foster. If you need a weekend roadtrip, add Indianola, Iowa to your list because this town is packed with goodness!

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What’s your favorite piece she used the branding in? Share in the comments!



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