Ready to Reset Your 2021 Goals?

Jun 17, 2021

2020 was an awesome year for me business-wise. In a time where so many were struggling, a job like mine where I work from home with my kids by my side was the perfect thing to have. I was inspired, thriving and hitting my goals out of the park.

I figured 2021 would be the same and I made BIG goals. The work came, I got booked out months in advance and my kids were in school so it seemed like I had plenty of time to work, but that’s not what happened. I got overwhelmed. I said yes to projects I should have said no to. Imposter syndrome kicked in and I lacked inspiration but definitely not overwhelm.

I ended up getting really behind in work, especially after a sick kiddo landed us in a hospital an hour away from home for 4 days. I was an all around mess. And the goals I set for 2021? They didn’t matter anymore – I couldn’t even keep my head above water, let alone worry about what new stuff I wanted to create.

Finally in May, the fog started to clear and I could dream a little bit again. But what mattered in January just didn’t seem that important anymore, so I decided to do a reset. What did I want the rest of 2021 to look like? It was a clean slate.

It’s the perfect time for a reset if you’re feeling the same, friend.

Have you been craving a goal reset? Or to set goals for the first time this year? Or just an excuse to dream a little again? You don’t need January 1st to be the calendar date to do it. Let’s do it NOW.

I’m hosting a free Goal Reset Challenge starting Monday. Each day next week I will send an email with a journal prompt right to your inbox. Five days, five prompts on how to kickstart your dreams again. I already have some amazing ladies all signed up and ready to go, and I would love for you to dream big with us!

In this challenge we will focus on:

  • Who you want to be in the future
  • Choosing the goals you want to focus on right now
  • How to break the goals down into smaller, more doable chunks
  • How to schedule them so you get them done

You’ll just follow your email prompt each day and by the end of the week your new goals will be define and browken down in to tasks you can accomplish easily.

I’m not selling a single thing here. I really just want to dream a little with friends! We can all have a great end to 2021, right? Let’s get a little clearer together.

Click here to sign up.

The last half of 2021 is going to be great, let’s make sure it is TOGETHER!



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