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Mar 29, 2022

Working with women from all over the country is one of my favorite things about owning a graphic design business. Where I live, we have a group of very creative, like-minded women whose style I vibe with, but so many of the businesses around here just aren’t my ideal clients.

When inquiries come in from the West Coast, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona + ALASKA, I get excited. It seems like the middle of the map is a little behind on the times in more ways than one (although I do LOVE that about us sometimes), and when inquiries come from ideal clients who live out west I get really excited. It seems like they understand the importance of having a BRAND and not just one logo, and they’re ready to go all out.

When Rachel reached out to me from Alaska, I was humbled. That’s the #1 state on my must-visit list and working with a photographer who shoots in one of the most gorgeous nature scenes in the country was a dream scenario!

Rachel was the kindest human throughout the entire process. Her words still give me the motivation to keep doing what I’m doing. She was the best.

We started with a mood board that embodied what she was going for: playful, earthy and something that would speak to her ideal clients.

From there, I got designing!

With an earthy color palette and lots of variations of her logo that could be used in lots of different ways, Rachel’s branding came together into modern, playful and adventure-inspired designs.

I created various marks and a fun little pattern that shared some of her favorites: the mountains and peonies.

I had so much fun working with Rachel on her branding project, I hope to someday travel to Alaska and meet her in person!

What state is on your bucket list? Share in the comments!



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