The Wander Collective: A Place for Designers

Mar 24, 2022

I launched something new last week! I’ve always craved a community of designers who aren’t trying to compete for clients, where we build each other up, share tips + tricks, bounce ideas off of one another and maybe refer work to one another if a client or inquiry isn’t the best fit.

Instead of waiting around for that community to come to me, I decided to create it.

Welcome to the Wander Collective: A place for graphic designers to connect and grow together. The best part is, it’s totally free and we already have some fun stuff going on in the group!

One thing I love about this group is that it’s not just for seasoned designers. It’s for people just starting out, those who work corporate or for themselves or people who are side hustling their way with a dream of owning their own studio someday. All levels welcome, always room for growth.

I try to post something new each week – a question prompt for favorite tools or tricks, a snapshot of recent work you’re excited about but haven’t been able to share on social yet or a poll about favorite type of projects.

My hope is that designers can feel comfortable enough to post whatever questions they have about the design buisiness and get some honest answers instead of a group of guarded designers who don’t want to share for fear of stolen ideas or tricks.

I created group selfishly too, of course. With life getting more busy and complicated, buying an acreage and longing to spend more time present with my family on our land, I wanted a place where I could gather designers, find out their favorite types of projects to do and then filter inquiries that don’t fit in my schedule to those designers. I needed a list of designers to refer people to, and this group is becoming that as well.

SO – if you’re a graphic designer in any form and want to join a community of other kind designers who also want to learn and grow, join us! You can request to join here:

Hope to see you in there, friend!

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