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Nov 11, 2020

Sometimes I move right down my to do list after completing something without reflecting on how much fun I had working on it. Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on past work and admire the process.

Today I’m doing that with the Aprés Anatomy logo. I love how this logo turned out, some of the elements are some of the favorite pieces I’ve designed.

We started with this rustic, upscale spa moodboard and went from there.

From there, we went through a few rounds of changes and ended up on this main logo.

Lisa is a traveling spa, so we wanted something that felt upscale – a luxury for the greater Boston area.

For marks, we had some fun with the font and layout.

She has tons of versatility with her alternative logos and they work perfectly on everything from her website to her business cards.

And then came the marks.

Again, there are so many ways she can use these marks in her marketing and on social media.

Pulling it all together was fun too, just so she could see how it could all be used together.

One super fun project that will always be a favorite.

Which mark or logo is your favorite? Share in the comments!



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