Recent Work: Ann McIntyre, Dentistry + Esthetics

Aug 28, 2019

It’s not often you meet someone who wants to up their branded game in the medical field and chooses me as the best person to do that, but I was thrilled to meet Ann and help her roll out some new services for her dental practice. After chatting briefly in a coffee shop, I decided that Ann could be my best friend (that happens quite a bit – my clients rock). And for her to want to up her game and go a little outside of the norm for normal dentists – that was awesome.

Nature Inspired, Beauty Redefined

Ann wanted to add esthetic services to her lineup, taking the taboo away from these services and offering them while patients are at their normal dentist appointments. What a genius idea! She’s a nature lover and was inspired by vintage design, so I had a lot of fun working on this branding suite for her.

We stuck with a pretty neutral color palette – blue tones that felt calm and collected. We included a cool, geometric tooth in the details that she can use on different aspects on her branding, but also designed some options without the tooth so she could use her logo in any portion of her marketing materials, website or social profiles.

I loved creating the little details on this one, and sending if off into the world was such a joy.

What’s your favorite part of this suite? I’d love to hear in the comments!



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