Ready for some floral, retro vibes today? Me too. Those are two words to describe the branding I worked on with Maggie. Her business name has always been Iron and Lace Photography and we originally designed this branding for that name, but earlier this year she felt the pull for a name change. Something that […]

You may have in your head that you’ll take any customer you can, but to make work something you *actually* like doing, you need to narrow it down. And your ideal customer has to go deeper than just ‘Stay at Home Moms’ or ‘Small Business Owners.’ I used to take any client I could and […]

Last year, an Indianola, Iowa shopowner named Erin reached out to me about branding for her newest adventure, Feed and Foster. The name alone had me intrigued, but when I read about what she was going for and saw her inspiration, I knew it was going to be a favorite project – and I was […]

2020 was an awesome year for me business-wise. In a time where so many were struggling, a job like mine where I work from home with my kids by my side was the perfect thing to have. I was inspired, thriving and hitting my goals out of the park. I figured 2021 would be the […]

Sometimes I move right down my to do list after completing something without reflecting on how much fun I had working on it. Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on past work and admire the process. Today I’m doing that with the Aprés Anatomy logo. I love how this logo turned out, some of the elements […]

This blog post has been a long time coming, but I was inspired to share it after I created a Praise playlist on Spotify and shared it with my following – the feedback was so wonderful. More people reached out and thanked me for that playlist than ever before. Which got me thinking – we […]

Combining passions into one is one of my favorite things to do (which is why I LOVE working with adventurous and passionate creatives). When Jess from Shared Light reached out to me about branding her new adventure of opening a greenhouse, I was ALL IN. We started with a really earthy, organic moodboard to give […]

After the year that 2020 has been, we needed a serious getaway that was close to home and would allow us to check some national parks off our list. That place: South Dakota! We were going to AirBnB it, but we were making last minute plans right at the end of Sturgis, so lodging was […]

For seven years, I took any design job that came my way and ended up hating what I was doing. I tried everything to avoid these projects, including starting a wedding blog and coordination business and opening an antique store in my hometown. While those things taught me so much and brought me so much […]

All of my recent playlists feel like they’re perfect for fall or winter, so it was time to make a new one that reminded me of the season to come – the BLOOMING season. I am so excited to start cultivating the soil, planting our gardens and picking out new flowers to add to our […]