You may have in your head that you’ll take any customer you can, but to make work something you *actually* like doing, you need to narrow it down. And your ideal customer has to go deeper than just ‘Stay at Home Moms’ or ‘Small Business Owners.’ I used to take any client I could and […]

Last year, an Indianola, Iowa shopowner named Erin reached out to me about branding for her newest adventure, Feed and Foster. The name alone had me intrigued, but when I read about what she was going for and saw her inspiration, I knew it was going to be a favorite project – and I was […]

2020 was an awesome year for me business-wise. In a time where so many were struggling, a job like mine where I work from home with my kids by my side was the perfect thing to have. I was inspired, thriving and hitting my goals out of the park. I figured 2021 would be the […]

Sometimes I move right down my to do list after completing something without reflecting on how much fun I had working on it. Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on past work and admire the process. Today I’m doing that with the Aprés Anatomy logo. I love how this logo turned out, some of the elements […]

This blog post has been a long time coming, but I was inspired to share it after I created a Praise playlist on Spotify and shared it with my following – the feedback was so wonderful. More people reached out and thanked me for that playlist than ever before. Which got me thinking – we […]

Combining passions into one is one of my favorite things to do (which is why I LOVE working with adventurous and passionate creatives). When Jess from Shared Light reached out to me about branding her new adventure of opening a greenhouse, I was ALL IN. We started with a really earthy, organic moodboard to give […]

After the year that 2020 has been, we needed a serious getaway that was close to home and would allow us to check some national parks off our list. That place: South Dakota! We were going to AirBnB it, but we were making last minute plans right at the end of Sturgis, so lodging was […]

For seven years, I took any design job that came my way and ended up hating what I was doing. I tried everything to avoid these projects, including starting a wedding blog and coordination business and opening an antique store in my hometown. While those things taught me so much and brought me so much […]

All of my recent playlists feel like they’re perfect for fall or winter, so it was time to make a new one that reminded me of the season to come – the BLOOMING season. I am so excited to start cultivating the soil, planting our gardens and picking out new flowers to add to our […]

The end of the year and beginning of a new one is when many entrepreneurs think deeply about where they want to take their brand in the future. For the next six weeks, I will be sharing posts helping you add value to your brand, reach the right people and share the right message. Stay […]