One of the most difficult parts of owning your own business can be coming up with a name for your new adventure. Maybe you started with one name that no longer resonates with who you are or what you do, or you’re a newbie who is trying to brainstorm names for the first time, choosing […]

How are your 2022 goals coming, friend? Do you need a reset and a recallibration? Cause same. This time of year always gets busier than I imagine it will be, and it often leads me to get off track from my goals. Basically, they go out the window. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of […]

When your branding design is allllll done and you have your files in hand, it’s an exciting day! Then you open your brand folder and see all the different folders and file types and get instantly overwhelmed – where are you supposed to use all of these files? Don’t fret, friend, I’m here to walk […]

Photographers are kind of my niche when it comes to branding and Showit websites, and I get giddy when an amazingly talented photographer reaches out about new branding. I was so excited with Jessica contacted me a few years back about an updated look for her photography business, along with a website to match. I’m […]

Everyone has their take on what business books have helped them the most, so I’m jumping on the wagon and sharing mine and why I love them so much? Ready? Let’s go: 5 Business Books I Love Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo I’ve been a follower of Marie’s since before I quit corporate – […]

I’ve come to learn that ideal clients don’t all have to have the same profession, they can just be the same type of people. Ann is one of those people who’s style I just vibe with, and she must feel the same because this is the second dentistry logo I’ve designed for her – first […]

In my 10 years as a full-time creative entrepreneur, I’ve craved community on more than one occasion. When I found a group of like-minded women who were also creative entrepreneurs, my world and my business changed 100% for the better. When you have community, you have a group of people who have your back, build […]

It’s launch week for The Midwest Girl and I could not be more honored that these girls reached out to me about their redesign. I’ve had a business crush on them for a while (if you haven’t seen their shop in an amazing old building in Dubuque, IA, you’re missing out) and Marah and Marissa […]

If you’re a creative business, moodboarding is a wonderful way to intuitively figure out what direction you want your business to go next, and it serves as a physical reminder of what you’re working toward on a daily basis. As a graphic designer, I create digital moodboards for clients all the time, but creating a […]

While this isn’t a super recent project, the branding I did for Fresh Coast Cabins a while back makes me want to jump in the car and head up north to the U.P. of Michigan for some lake time + relaxation. Fresh Coast Cabins is located on the Keweenaw Peninsula right on Lake Superior and […]