4 Tips for Moodboarding for your Creative Business

May 10, 2022

If you’re a creative business, moodboarding is a wonderful way to intuitively figure out what direction you want your business to go next, and it serves as a physical reminder of what you’re working toward on a daily basis.

As a graphic designer, I create digital moodboards for clients all the time, but creating a physical moodboard wall for what I want the next season to feel like in my life and my business not only gives me a beautiful collection of pieces that act as artwork, they remind me WHY I’m doing all of this work.

Here are 4 tips for moodboarding for your creative business.

Look through inspiring magazines, catalogs from your favorite brands and packaging that comes in your mail.

Some people have a hard time finding pieces to moodboard, but I’ve found lots of luck in saving packaging and catalogs from my favorite brands and my favorite print publications like Magnolia, Patagonia, Yeti and Imogene + Willie.

Collect imagery, lines of text, patterns and color palettes that speak to how you want to feel in the next season and stack them in a pile to go through. The more the better!

2. Cull your favorite pieces and lay them out on a table

Once you have a good stack of pages and pieces, cut out and clean up any edges so they’re ready to go up on the wall or bulletin board.

When you’re ready, start laying them out on a flat surface before you attach them to your wall. Overlap pieces with larger items in the back and smaller items out front, with pieces tucked in here and there. This makes your moodboard look like a beautiful collage of inspiration instead of a disjointed wall with some things taped to it.

Next, prepare your wall or board! Make sure you have enough space for all of your inspiration and start pinning up or taping your pieces to the wall. If you have objects to put on your wall, like tiny trinkets, keychains, vintage pieces or fabric, secure them a little tighter so they don’t fall off the wall.

3. Edit the moodboard until it feels right

Add pieces, move them around or take things away until your moodboard is feeling right. Wider in the middle and narrow at the ends is how I like to set mine up, but feel free to take up as much or as little space on your wall as you’d like.

When it feels complete, snap a photo and post it! Not only will you have a physical reminder of your inspiration, but you can also share it on Instagram as a digital reminder and a more permanent place in your feed.

As the weeks and months go on, you may find more pieces to add to it – go for it! Your moodboard is an everchanging piece that is allowed to grow and change as your mood and inspiration do.

4. Repeat each season!

I like to repeat the moodboarding process each season or so, depending on how I’m feeling. Some pieces stay up for longer than that, as they are always inspiring me, but most often I change out the inspiration with the seasons.

Do you make physical moodboards for your creative business? Share in the comments!

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