Where to Use Your Logo Marks

Feb 10, 2022

When you hire a designer for a branding package, you’re most likely going to get something more than just a main logo. Secondary logos + logo marks are an important part of the branding process, giving you the flexibility to use your logos in lots of different places and in lots of different ways.

I love secondary logos + logo marks because I believe giving my clients a variety of pieces that match their main logo will deter them from ever getting bored with their brand. You have plenty of pieces to share on social media, their website, business cards and more – making it less likely that you will have to hire someone to design additional pieces or rebrand anytime soon.

So where should you use your different logo marks? Let me show you.

5 Places to Use Your Secondary Logos and Marks

1. On Your Website

It’s obvious that you should use your logo on your website, but what you might not realize is that you can use a bunch of different logos on your website. While you main logo can make an appearance, don’t hesitate to add different logos or icons in the footer, in the navigation bar or throughout your sight in transitions or photo groupings. This can help add lots of depth, character and brand recognition to your site that your customer will appreciate.

Check out Aubrey’s site to see what I’m talking about: www.breyphoto.com

2. As Your Social Media Profile Images

While it’s not always customary to use your brand icon or logo as your social media profile image, sometimes it’s okay to do so, and when that time comes you have your branding files to use!

I go back and forth – if it’s a business with just me as the owner or founder, I go with a photo. If it’s a partnership or collaboration, I tend to use the logo mark in place of a photo. If the latter is the case, I make sure I add photos of our faces throughout our feed so we are well known to our followers.

3. On Your Business Cards or Thank You Cards

This is where your logos really start to have some fun. Add different versions of your logos to the back of business cards, thank you cards, packaging and tissue paper for an extra custom effect. You’ll look like your brand is completely pulled together, and doing so will help build brand recognition.

4. On Branded Stickers + Merch

You didn’t think I was going to get through this post without mentioning stickers, did you? All those extra logos are PERFECT for stickers, on hats, patches, shirts and any other merch you might need for your business.

If you’re looking for $10 off your first order of stickers, use my link for Sticker Mule! Get it here.

5. In Your Social Media Feeds

Your logos come in SUPER handy when it comes to social media – use them for announcements, post graphics, sharing your mission – the ideas are endless!

While there are so many other places you can use your secondary logos and logo marks, I think it’s super important to have them so you can create a full brand experience, establish brand recognition and have so much fun with the branding that was designed with YOU and your ideal clients in mind!

Where do you use your logos? Share in the comments!

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