How to Order Stickers for Your Brand

Oct 20, 2021

One of my favorite ways to represent my business is through stickers with my logo or a fun design that represents Wander Design Co, and it’s something I love to gift to my clients as well!

Because what’s better than having your fresh new branding plastered all over your water bottle, computer or car? Not much. Plus, not only do they look cool, they are a constant reminder for anyone looking at your sticker that you have a business – it keeps you top of mind!

How to Order Stickers for Your Brand

First, you need to have a design in mind. I like to order a few different designs to showcase my brand. You can choose something that’s a general shape, like a circle, or something that needs to be cut out specific to your brand – both are allowed!

Then, you want to jump on to start your order! I love Sticker Mule because they are fast, provide a super good quality sticker that is waterproof and stands up to all the elements and their customer service is wonderful a well.

You’ll want to find your way to the Stickers page, and then choose what type of sticker you want. My top two designs I order are Round and Die Cut, but sometimes I just go with whatever special they are running (yes, they run discount deals all the time and it’s glorious! Find those here).

From there, you will upload your design.

PRO TIP: Make sure to upload your logo or design in CMYK

A CMYK version is set up for printing, so this will help ensure that your colors turn out correctly. Colors vary between print and screen, so what you see on your computer might not always be what your actual printed project will look like. Uploading CMYK will help avoid color issues!

Once you upload your design, Sticker Mule will send you a proof before they print! You’ll want to check the borders around the outside of your design to make sure they set it up exactly how you want it to print. Sometimes I like having a white border around the outside, sometimes I want the sticker cut directly to the design. Either way, the proof will help make sure it was what you were envisioning.

Then, you just wait for your pretty order to come and slap those beauties everywhere that allows it!

Ready to Order Your Sticker Mule Stickers?

If you’re ready, I have a $10 store credit for your order! Just use this link to get started and the credit will be applied.

You’ll be so excited to share your stickers once you get them! Slap one on your laptop, your notebook or your phone and be ready to hand them out because everyone loves a good sticker.

Do you order stickers for your business? Where’s your favorite place to put them? Share in the comments!



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