Introducing: Your Perfect People

Apr 15, 2020

For seven years, I took any design job that came my way and ended up hating what I was doing. I tried everything to avoid these projects, including starting a wedding blog and coordination business and opening an antique store in my hometown.

While those things taught me so much and brought me so much opportunity, design is what I loved about both of them. So I closed them both down and focused on design again. But something had to change – I had to start liking my work again.

I connected with someone on Instagram who I admired and we ended up meeting in real life (we only lived 20 minutes apart! Who knew?!) and I helped her with one project she needed some design for. Then another project. Those projects introduced me to her community, and from there I was connected to an entire group of people who were my perfect people. My ideal clients. Projects I loved.

I had found work that lit my soul on fire.

Now, for the last three years, I’ve worked exclusively with my perfect people. I let go of the clients that weren’t lighting my soul up anymore and started booking myself out 3 months in advance at any given time. Women were lining up to work with me – it was a whole new world.

Because of this, I raised my prices to put myself into the arena of other experienced designers. And then I raised them again. My profit grew because I was knocking projects out left and right – when you’re doing work you love, you never want to stop!

And now I want to help other creative entrepreneurs do the same.

Today I officially launch my first course called Your Perfect People.

It’s a 5-day video workshop designed to:
– help you pinpoint your ideal client
– answer all the questions about her life,
– dig deep to uncover her deepest fears and biggest dreams,
– use that to reach her on an emotional level
– reach her where she is hanging out
– fill your calendar with work you LOVE.

I know it’s not easy to finding your ideal client. And it’s even harder to strictly work with them when other work comes in and tempts you to say yes to the less than fun stuff because – who wants to turn down money?

It’s also really hard to dig deep and get inside your ideal client’s mind – it takes a lot introspective thought and quiet time to get into the zone.

BUT – when you do all those things, your business will start to change for the better. Into something more enjoyable. Into work you feel like is changing the world.

So, there it is! My first product is LIVE!

Click here to learn more about Your Perfect People!



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