Recent Work: High Point Kitchen and Bath Studio

Jan 2, 2019

One of the most amazing things about finding your ideal client is not having to try too hard to get more work – the power of referral is amazing.
Steffany reached out to me about a design for a new brand they were building and after hearing about her inspiration, I knew I wanted to work on her project.

I pulled together a mood board to inspire my sketches and mock-ups and it was full of graphic elements, gold finishes and bold lettering.

We ended up with a few different logos for different aspects of the brand. They loved the sketched look so kept that for one of their alternative logos but went a little more bold and stylish for their main mark.

I love the gold and black together and how they play out in their kitchen and bath studio.

Looking to rebrand in the new year? I have openings beginning in March, click here to contact me for a quote!



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